Give your body what it deserves

With the inclusion of hot steam, our Turkish inspired hammam is a purpose built steam treatment that delivers incredible effects on both the mental and physical state of the body. The hammam is a perfect antidote to soothe tension and banish all forms of stress. The heat from the steam helps to dilate pores and blood vessels, which improves circulation and deeply cleanses the skin promoting detoxification of the body. A powerful combination when experienced prior to a massage.

The hammam is complimentary with any treatment over an hour. Hammam sessions without spa reservations are also available. Please contact our Spa on (03) 5625 4498 ext 2 or email for more information and bookings.

A regular Hammam session provides many health benefits and relaxation including, relief from sore muscles, respiratory benefits, improved blood circualtion, stress level reduction, deep skin cleansing and hydration, promotes a healthy deep sleep, relief of sinusitis and many more.