Did someone say BBQ?

Churrasco originated in Southern Brazil, in the mid-1500s as the staple food style of the local cowboys or 'gauchos' when they slowly cooked salt-rubbed and marinated beef over emebers of their evening fires.

Our Churrascaria de Rodizio is particularly exciting. The meal begins with a shared tasting platter of Turkish bread and freshly made dips.

When you're ready, the kitchen sends roasted seasonal vegetables to your table and a special 'satisfaction' card - green on one side and red on the other.

From the fire, our 'passadors' (waiters) deliver 'espetos' (small swords) of your favourite, freshly cooked, marinated and basted meats and seafood (fish, calamari, chicken, pork, beef, lamb and chorizo sausage) to your table and carve them directly onto your plate. The food keeps coming while your card shows green. When you have had your fill you turn your card to the red side as a signal to the passadors that you are resting or have finished eating.

Desserts are available at standard prices from our delicious menu.

We have our flame grilled Brazilian Churrasco BBQ every Friday & Saturday night. Bookings are preferred.