“All you need is love"

At Di-Vine, flavour is king, and change is a cherished constant. The menu at our restaurant is regularly re-imagined, and as each new ingredient arrives, the culinary team accepts the challenge and explores the opportunities with trademark creativity and technical skill to provide healthier yet food full of flavour. 


The Di-Vine menu has completely been reimagined. See below for what this amazing à la carte experience has to offer.



Yellowfin Tuna - 17
Grill on Himalaya salt slab, wild honey, onion shiraz compote, black pepper and rosemary

Cinnamon smoked king prawns lemon grass skewers - 22
organic tomato essence jelly, lemon grass and lobster oil

Free range organic Sous Vied eggs with torched Wagyu beef - 28
with organic  potato mousse, truffles salsa, wild mushrooms, dry nori

Beet root carpaccio (V) - 13
with goat’s cheese, rocket leaves, edamame beans and balsamic caviar

Duck confit salad - 15
 Cointreau orange  jelly, Rucola foam and caramelised capers



Organic cauliflower puree - 18
with foie grass pate

Organic tomato essence - 15
with Scallops, nori and reduced shiitake mushroom confit (V)


Sea-bass and scallops - 25
Fresh turmeric gravy, bonito tempered pappardelle

Cumin Lamb cutlets - 33
Slow roasted with its jus , cashew coconut mixture, fig chutney, organic Pala
“Kottu” - 39
Grilled Gippsland premium beef rib eye steak  hammered in high flame with roti and organic vegetables and six spices gravy (coriander,cumin,cinnamon,turmeric,chilli,cardomon)

 Karawla Bomba - 29
Dry salted fish curry risotto with coconut gravy, BBQ prawns ,scallops and calamari

Truffle risotto (V) - 28
with baked mushroom with dark chocolate and chilli almonds

Devilled Iberico belly - 26
 with sweet and sour vegetables, pineapple fried rice and marinated cucumber pickle  



Pears - 13
cloves and red wine poached with apple sorbet

Velhrona chocolate - 17
fair trade dark chocolate mouse with Himalaya salt and Brandy Creek olive oil

Home made Sorbet  - each scoop 3
Sparkling wine, Red wine, White wine, Brandy creek extra virgin olive oil

Ice Cream - each scoop 3
Raspberry/,  Green tea,/ Salted caramel/, waraka (ripened jack fruit)

Assorted cheese platter - 18

For bookings, please contact our restaurant on (03) 5625 4498 or email restaurant@brandycreekestate.com.au